Tuesday, December 08, 2009

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Hard day shoots

Yesterday I was booked for a whole day shoot in some hidden jungle in Davao City. So excited knowing that these will be another shot for me. This will be major for Thailand and Hong-Kong ads under my portfolio.
The sunlight was just perfect not to harsh for the lenses to capture me. Mr.Lim who happened to be my photographer that day was really challenging and motivated me to do well with my poses. I've been asked to laid into the grass (seriously it was itchy but I never showed it to him). I was also changing thru diiferent outfits and not to mention those quite expensive accessorize. We really have to move from spot to spot to have that what they call as a dramatic scene and we're never been disappointed by the weather.
This shoot was really very tiring but fortunately it turned out to be one of the best. I was very happy of the outcome.
I would also like to mention the presence of dear Allyn who was there for the reflector, lights and sort of my PA ( thanks a lot for that gurl)
Well be expecting the pictures to be finished within this week. Can't wait to show it also to you guys for all of you to know also that it was really a great shoot-full sweat and effort was there.
So see you then on my upcoming shoots and hopefully mainstream commercial ad this coming December~ciao!

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