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Information Resource Management
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Ayala Corporation's legacy is its adherence to the principles and ideals that wrought its existence. The Ayala tradition of excellence and integrity has run continuously through seven generations of one pioneering family aided by some of the best management talents in the country. It is among the oldest business houses in the country. From a fledgling company in 1834, it has become one of the largest, most respected, and most widely diversified conglomerates in the Philippines today.
Ayala Corporation, a holding company with a diverse business portfolio, has a legacy of pioneering the future. Founded in 1834, it has achieved its position of leadership by being values driven, goals oriented, and stakeholder focused. Anchored on values of integrity, long-term vision, empowering leadership, and commitment to national development, we fulfill our mission to ensure long-term profitability, increase shareholder value, provide career opportunities, and create synergies as we build mutually beneficial partnerships and alliances with those who share our philosophy and values. With entrepreneurial strength, we continue to create a future that nurtures to fruition our business endeavors and personal aspirations.
Real Estate & HotelsResidential, industrial, commercial and leisure projects; shopping center, office and residential leasing; hotel operations; construction and property management services.
Financial Servicesbancassurance. -->Peso and foreign currency deposits, corporate and consumer loans, leasing, loan syndication, securities underwriting and distribution, foreign exchange, cash management, credit cards, payments and settlements, remittances, asset management services, life and general insurance.
TelecommunicationsFull-service telecommunications provider with digital wireless communication, wireline voice, data transmission, domestic and international long distance communication and mobile-commerce services.
Water Infrastructure Development and ManagementWater delivery, sewerage and sanitation services.
Electronics & I.T.Design and product development, process and product engineering, test development, logistics, and manufacturing solutions which include computer storage, communications, consumer, automotive, industrial, medical, and power electronics products; and a wide array of information and communications technology (ICT)-related services.
AutomotiveHonda passenger cars and Isuzu commercial vehicles

Company Profile:
Ayala Corporation
2006 Sales:
Major Industry:
Sub Industry:
General Diversified
Company Profile:
Ayala Corporation
2006 Sales:
Major Industry:
Sub Industry:
General Diversified

Noypiko Enterprises
Since the birth of the company on May 2006, transactions were closed especially in dealing with scrap metals and trading of mineral ores. And now the company keep its pace in growing to promote and market locally produced products. Company Website promoted much of the local products. Main products came from different parts of the Philippines for promotion and marketing. Products are selected for best quality assurance to satisfy the needs of each customer. Trading of mineral ore from different parts of the Philippines like Manganese (Mn) , Chromite (Cr2O4) and Silicon (SI) silica and Quartz. Real Estate like beaches, lots and mango farms for sale are also advertised in the company Website

Basic Information
Company Name:
Noypiko Enterprises
Business Type:
Trading Company

Selling Virgin Coconut Oil, Virgin Coconit Oil Soap, Coconut Shell Beads Bags And Trading Philippine Manganese, Chromite, Silica Quartz
Company Address:
Olongapo City1475 Rizal Avenue, West Tapinac, Olongapo City, Philippines
No. of Total Employees:
Less than 5 People
Ownership & Capital
Year Established:
Legal Representative/Business Owner:
Athenie Solis
Trade & Market
Main Markets:
North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Mid East, Africa, Oceania
Total Annual Sales Volume:
Below US$1 Million

Philip Morris
The history of what is now a global company can be traced back to Philip Morris's 1847 opening of a single shop on London's Bond Street, selling tobacco and ready-made cigarettes.
On Mr Morris's death, the business was taken over by his wife Margaret and his brother Leopold. In 1881 the company went public, Leopold Morris joining Joseph Grunebaum to establish Philip Morris & Company and Grunebaum, Ltd. This partnership was dissolved in 1885 and the company became known as Philip Morris & Co., Ltd.
The company finally left the founding family's control in 1894, when it was taken over by William Curtis Thomson and his family. Under Thomson, the company was appointed tobacconist to King Edward VII and, in 1902, was incorporated in New York, by Gustav Eckmeyer. Ownership was split 50-50 between the British parent and American partners. Eckmeyer had been sole agent for Philip Morris in the US since 1872, importing and selling English-made cigarettes.

DXN was founded by Dr. Lim Siow Jin, a graduate from the famed Indian Institute of Technology.
Dr. Lim Siow Jin has keen interest in mushrooms and their relationship with human health. To better understand this relationship, Dr. Lim has travelled far and wide in search of The King of all Herbs - Lingzhi. After more than twenty years of research and scientific analysis, Dr. Lim finally discovered the benefits of Lingzhi, the king of all herbs, to mankind.
Realising the importance and benefits of Lingzhi, Dr. Lim began sharing his knowledge about this miraculous herb with his friends, and they too were greatly impressed with its beneficial medicinal value. However, Dr. Lim did not stop there. He believed he should form a company to make known to people about this miraculous herb and the benefits that can be derived from it. In 1993, Dr. Lim's dream came true when he established DXN.
International - Indonesia - Malaysia - Singapore - Philippines - UAE - USA - Hong Kong - China - India - Nepal - Thailand Australia - Bangladesh - Taiwan - Canada - Mexico - Dominican Republic - Kenya- Pakistan- Sudan Puerto Rico - Sri Lanka - Saudi Arabia - Cyprus - Ethiopia - Mauritius - Qatar - Jordan - Kuwait - Yemen - Oman – Bahrain.

FERN C NON ACIDIC VITAMIN C 500mg / 100capsules FOR ONLY 600.00
Vitamin C plays a vital role in keeping the immune system working efficiently and 2005 Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards helps build collagen, the stabilizing tissue in the bone, muscle and skin.
As an antioxidant, Vitamin C is one of our best defenses against cell-damaging freeradicals. FERN-C Non acidic Alkaline Vitamin C is unique. It utilizes pure Sodium Ascorbate which was formulated by two-time Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Linus Pauling.
You can take as much FERN-C as you want without the negative effects of highly acidic ascorbic acid, like gastric irritation, bloating, and intestinal irritation.
FERN-C is four times more effective than ascorbic acid since it does not contain any binders. One FERN-C 500 mg capsule is equivalent to four 500 mg ascorbic acid tablets. That’s value for money!
• Hemorrhoids
• Effects of air pollution
• Cancer
• Cataracts
• Effects of radiation
• Cardiovascular Heart Disease
• Asthma
• Scurvy
• Insomnia
• Fatigue
• Loose teeth
• Nose bleeds
• Poor digestion
• Rough Skin
• Glaucoma
• Infections
• Alcoholism
• Mental Illness
• Periodontal diseases
• Depression
• Enhances Sexual Function


- Manila, Philippines-based Corporation - Established May 2002 - Expertise in providing total technical support solutions for IT driven companies - Full Service Support Center - A subsidiary of Synnex Corp. this year 2007.
Product and Services
Quality People for Quality Services - All 2000++ call center agents have BS or BE degrees in computer science, computer engineering, and electronics & communications engineering - Operational 24 hours/ 7days a week - Multi-channel Support Voice, Email, Tech Chat Multimedia, Graphics and Web design Programming & System Integration - Expertise in providing total technical support solutions for IT driven companies.

Culture and Values
OUR MISSION: "To provide outstanding technical support to our customers by leading the way over other service providers with dedicated, friendly, knowledgeable representatives who provide Instant, professional & accurate solutions." OUR VISION: We are the model technical support center in the industry combining Trust, Care and Efficiency in delighting the most precious assets of our clients --- their Customers. We provide our people the opportunity to balance their professional as well as personal growth with continuous learning and we follow what we believe: integrity, honesty, persistence, consideration, discipline and execution. We satisfy our Customers, Investors and Ourselves. OUR FUTURE PLANS: - Global Presence - Sales and service office and IT infrastructure in the US - Tie-up with Linksys in their global expansion plan - Expansion sites in other regions - Ready for more IT industry customers by Q4 of Year 2003 - Your Strategic Global Development Partner.


Jollibee (PSE: JFC) is a fast-food restaurant chain based in the Philippines and also has locations in the United States, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Dubai and Brunei. Jollibee is also the name of Jollibee's mascot, a large bee in a blazer, shirt and chef's hat. It is an American style fast-food restaurant with Filipino-influenced dishes specializing in chicken, burgers, and spaghetti.
Tony Tan Caktiong and his family opened a Magnolia Ice Cream parlor at Cubao in 1975. The original name was Jolibe. Sometime in 1978, Tony Tan and his brothers and sisters, being partners, engaged the services of a management consultant in the person of Manuel C. Lumba. Consultant Lumba shifted the business focus from ice cream to hamburgers, after his studies showed that a much larger market was waiting to get tapped. Lumba became Tony Tan's first business and management mentor. Lumba next re-formed the name Jolibe to Jolly Bee and made the two words form a single name Jollibee, but changed the "y" to an "i". Next, Lumba conceptualized the Jollibee mascot, inspired by local and foreign children's books. Lumba next created the product name "Yumburger" as well as the name "Chickenjoy". He had the company incorporated in order to benefit from incorporation and leased a house on Main St. in Cubao, Quezon City as the first headquarters. Lumba also made the long-term marketing strategy, listing up a number of consumer promotions and traffic building schemes. Tony Tan stressed that developing internal strengths was critical. The stores were re-designed, the service transformed into a full self-service, fast food operation with drive thrus. Not long after, Tony Tan and Manny Lumba went on observation tour in the United States, attended food service and equipment conventions. Tony Tan put Manny Lumba on center stage by putting him in charge of franchise development.

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