Sunday, November 15, 2009

<$ CzareneL $>


This time it feels different felt like I was just a victim and it cuts me like a knife to know everything.
You said that you're still unprepared but willing to try, that's why I've given you another chance and respected that.
Now it's been a year but you we're still messed up, my trust was not there anymore and love changes to anger.
I remember your phrase still that you needed me but I guess you just needed someone you can use for your own cover-up.
A lie will never be covered by another lie.
I never done nothing against you, what I think my only mistake was just loving without expecting in return.
I tried to be there, be your shoulder and hold hands and now I'm sad to know your down 'cause I can no longer hold your tears.
You should have told me the real score maybe I'll understand your sincerity.
It tears me up inside to realized that I will be okay without you.
So long my heart no longer feels safe for you.....

Posted by Czarenel at 8:26 PM