Monday, September 14, 2009

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Great Day, it's been a while since I posted and reviewed my site and it's quite long then.
Anyways I've been to a new agency now and I'm glad I'm working for an international company for Ford Agency under Wilhemina Models but I honestly owe a lot from my previous agency under GLAM. I worked with a lot of professional photographers, MUA's(make-up artist), models, handlers and not to mention I had found some few lovers inside the house~hush:P.
Recently I just went to Victoria, Hong-Kong for a courtesy call for my mother agency and booked for several designers and photographers. My parents has no idea at all where I've been and even my friends and co-workers don't know the real score, they just know that I went out of the country for a holiday. Well I think it's time for everyone to know and I think we need also to just have some white lies right?
I met a lot of very well verse masters in their craft while staying in Hong-Kong. Most of them already worked with famous designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Zac Posen, Donna Karan etc. It was an extraordinary experience 'cause it helped me grow and learned so much. I was scheduled for Babyliss Titanium for hair art photography and casting for Richard Chai. I received good reviews. After appearing for a few appearance I went back to my hometown to submit my upgraded portfolio, also to sign a contract for my handler and new management to fix everything.
This week I'll be doing a photo shoot for LeadFotos cover for this season booked by Sir Paul. Later on we are also invited for a glow in the dark party, so definitely it will be so much of a kick-ass party.
That's much for me this week and hopefully more castings and bookings.....TTYS:>

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